Adding Stock Solenoids to Arcade1Up Star Wars Pinball FX3 Mod - LIVE Modding Session

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Onto the next stage of my #StarWarsPinballMod! I've figured out how to re-add the 4 stock solenoids from the Arcade1Up Pinball Cab to get them working with all the PC Steam powered versions of PinballFX3 tables.

Join me for another LIVE modding session as I install my test unit into the cab and go over how I simplified the process. Once I nail down the process, I'll make a more succinct tutorial video as well.

BIG shoutout to the Vpin community including Major Frenchy, Terry Red, DDH69, Vic_VP, Quoc Le, and many others for all their resources and tutorials to make this happen!

Parts in my Mod so far:
Backglass 22" Monitor: Model #: AOC215lm00055
Main 24" Monitor: Dell Ultrasharp 2414HB

PC Budget Build Tutorial:

GeekPi Encoder

SainSmart USB Eight Channel Relay Board
Power Terminal Strip Blocks with Cover
DC Power Cable 12V 5A Plugs Male Female Connectors
12V Power Diodes
Wire Twist Caps
KNIPEX Tools - Automatic Wire Stripper -
(Affiliate links above)

0:00 Intro
3:07 Stock Solenoids Overview
5:30 SainSmart USB 8 Channel Relay Board
7:30 12v Power Supply Setup
11:00 Wiring Solenoids to SainSmart WITHOUT Diode testing
19:15 Wiring a Diode into Encoder Wire for Solenoids
24:00 Wiring the Solenoids to SainSmart and Power Terminal
40:00 Testing Solenoids using 8 Channel Relay Manager
49:25 Bee trying to Electrocute Himself
55:00 Testing DOF, DOFLinx, and DOF Config tool
59:35 Editing to set Ports for Solenoids
1:05:55 Testing PinballFX3 Games with Solenoids
1:10:00 Demo of Kongs-R-Us LaunchBox/BigBox Frontend for PinballFX3
1:18:00 Prototype Controller to add into Cab
1:24:00 Final Thoughts, more PinballFX3 Gameplay


Music Credit - Vector U - ​
Countdown Timer from Take Your Time-
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