3-19-21 Machinechat - Nearly 2/3 of IoT projects never make it beyond the POC stage…why?

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The top 3 reasons are:
• Time to completion
• Technical complexity
• Budget overruns

For many IoT developers and integrators, putting together the right hardware and establishing data connectivity is just the start of developing and deploying an IoT solution. The key to deriving value from
any IoT project comes from being able to collect, transform and direct the right machine data to the right application at the right time. In many cases, implementing IoT software that can accomplish these tasks is one of the most time-consuming and technically complex parts of developing an IoT solution given that no two deployment environments are alike.

In this presentation, the Machinechat team will show how developers and system integrators can leverage ready-to-use edgeware to develop their IoT ideas into field-ready IoT projects in hours versus days and weeks.
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