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The online webinar was organised by ???????????? ???????????? ???????????????????? ???????????????????????????? () on 24th February 2021.

This discussion is on how to introduce Sri Lankan minerals, value added products and semi processed products into continuous revenue generation in Sri Lanka. Following aspects will be discussed in detail during the webinar.

 Graphite and value added products such as Graphene in multi sectorial developments.

 Mineral sands and ilmenite as a sustainable value addition into key engineering problem solving.

 Eppawela rock phosphate as a development trigger in agriculture and process engineering.

 How to use Sri Lankan Engineering and Scientific Community’s inputs in the process of product development and value addition.

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Eng. Manju Gunawardana

Director - Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology - SLINTEC
Chief Executive Officer - Research & Innovation – LOLC
Chief Executive Officer - Ceylon Graphene Technologies
Executive Director - LOLC Advanced Technologies (Pvt) Ltd
Director - Associated Battery Manufacturers Limited

Manju joined LOLC in 2017 and counts over 20 years in Research and Innovation in various subject areas including Nano technology, Agriculture,
Pharmaceutical, Advanced material and engineering. He started his career as an electronics engineer and specialised in military electronics.

Manju has worked in some of Sri Lanka’s leading engineering companies such as TOS Lanka Co Pvt Ltd, Orange Electric as a Director Engineering and Head of research responsible for product development and research management. He served as the CEO at CIC Agribusinesses Pvt. Ltd., Head of Research and Innovation at CIC Holdings PLC and pioneered Precision Agriculture technologies based on drone applications in Sri Lanka. Manju has worked as a Principal Research Engineer at MAS Holdings, Sabre Technologies and was responsible for Real time system design.

Currently he is working as a Board director at Sri Lanka Institute of Nano Technology (SLINTEC) and is the winner of multiple international awards including three Geneva Innovation Congress Gold Medals and one Silver Medal. He has also twice won the national title as the Best Inventor in Sri Lanka. He is also an Advisory Board member of the National Graphene Association, USA.
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