10.000 Bullets - PlayStation 2 Game {{unplayable}} Compatibility List (on PS4)

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Unplayable after playstation 2 logo game stuck on black screen

Crow is a hitman who lives in Ireland. His mother was a fortune teller who possessed mysterious powers and was killed when Crow was very young. The boy was adopted by a mob boss known as Papa Tonia. Crow inherited from his mother a unique ability to slow down time, which he trained to become a feared assassin. However, his main goal in life is to find who killed his mother, and exact his revenge.

Bullets is a 3D third-person shooter. The player controls Crow as well as three other characters during the course of the game. The slowdown ability is similar to the bullet time effect used in Max Payne, but can be eventually upgraded so that the player character himself can move at normal speed while everything around him freezes. Killing several enemies in close succession awards the player bonus points, which can be used between levels to upgrade the protagonist's health as well as teach him special offensive and evasive manoeuvres. There are also short adventure-like sequences requiring the player to talk to characters to advance the plot.
Max Payne 3
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