10 Discoveries by the POLICE

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10 Discoveries by the POLICE

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10 Discoveries by the Police

Not everyone wants to get their hands dirty, but at the end of the day, some people have to do jobs that involved facing some of the things that not many want to do. One of those jobs is being a police officer. Being part of the police force requires officers to respond to the calls of citizens in need. Sometimes, these calls are bizarre and require the police to investigate very strange things many people would find hard to believe. But through this job, these guys and gals have also made a lot of shocking discoveries. Some are funny, some are serious and some are straight-up creepy and weird. Today we’ll be looking at “10 Discoveries made by the Police.” You’ll see some of the dangers that officers have had to face and some alarming discoveries that happened while they were doing their job. I would hate to be the policeman who had to make the discovery at the top of the list. It’s super creepy, but it happened!

Scarecrow in Need

Before we jump into the dark and weird discoveries, let’s start with a funny one! It happened in the city of Winters, California, during the fall season of 2014. It all started when the police responded to a 911 call from a woman who claimed to have found a body downtown. It sounded scary, so the police went right away. But mysteriously, when they showed up to the scene, there was no one in sight. Not even the body that the woman claimed to had seen. But the one thing they spotted was a scarecrow on a wall near to the spot where the woman said to have found the mysterious body. Was she referring to the scarecrow? If that's the case, then this woman is not familiar with this city's traditions. Apparently, people around the town always put up scarecrows as decorations during this time of the year.

House of leaves

And now we start with the creepy findings. This one happened in Ohio in 2010 when two police officers entered the house of a guy who had been holding hostages, for a while. But the strangest thing about this crime scene was the fact that the place was covered in leaves. The bathroom alone was filled with at least 100 bags of leaves and the freezer in the house only had 2 popsicles and a couple of poor frozen animals. Apparently, this guy was obsessed with trees. Unfortunately, some of the people who were locked inside this house were not able to survive and tell their stories. But there was one girl kept in the basement who was rescued by the police. The author of the crime was put in jail under and is now serving a life sentence behind bars. When the authorities explored the crime scene and the events surrounding this crime, they came to realize that the guy had an unhealthy obsession with trees and leaves. The psychologists even admitted that it was a very unique type of criminal.


Sometimes police officers get calls that they wish they could just ignore, especially when callers claim that they're being visited by monsters. But one day, when a detective responded to someone's call, different people in the neighborhood told him that they had heard a gunshot and then a monster came knocking on their door. As soon as they saw it, people would slam the door on the monster. When the detective went outside, he realized that the scary creature was in fact a person who had gotten hurt with a gun. He got his face so damaged to the point that people started to mistake him for a monster. He was knocking on people's doors because he needed help, but of course, his appearance kept him from getting the help he so desperately needed.

House full of rats

I'm sure a lot of police officers wish they could reset their minds and forget some of the things they've seen in their life - just like the guys who found three children living in a house with more than 200 animals - including 80 rats. Yikes. It all started when a man named Greg Nelson called authorities to do an inspection in the place where his children were living. He had just ended his relationship with his wife, and with his girlfriend. After the break ups, he wanted to take the children with him but their mother wouldn't allow that.
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